Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blogrolls are love

Thank you to the people who told me to get myself a reader. I love it. I want to add every blog I see to my reader just so that I'll always have a ton of stuff to read when I click on it. I love it so much that I have decided to get rid of my old, outdated blogroll and just add a list of recently read items from my blog reader. I like the way it looks and it gives people some new blogs to browse if they're so inclined.

I've had a lot of fun browsing other people's blog rolls in the past. I've discovered some real gems out there. I wish I had discovered hera long time ago. I love her thoughts on Gapmoms and I love this post for lots of reasons but mostly because it talks about the same thing I did here. I love it when people agree with me. (Ok, so she wrote hers first but I swear I wrote mine before reading hers.)

Anway, I'm loving the heck out of my blog reader. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

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