Monday, April 09, 2007

Google scares me

I know I do this a lot but I the search terms that bring people to this blog never cease to amaze and amuse me. Here's a couple of the recent ones:
what do bras do - I can't decide if this is hilarious or sad. Maybe a little bit of both.

oogles of boobies - What do you suppose this person was hoping to find?

wonderful boobs - Well thank you very much!

remove bra blogspot - What an oddly specific request. "I want to see someone remove their bra but I want to see it on blogspot only!"

examples of people great people who did great deeds - No, really. You're too kind.

water coming out both nostrils the why - It's because you almost the drowned.

I don't have the link for this one anymore but a couple of days ago I got this one too: "what is a better way to snort drugs up your left or right nostril" Drugs are good for you as long as you remember to snort them on the right side and not the left.


The Other Girl said...

I haven't gotten any truly strange ones lately. I am getting a ton of "how did adrian die rocky balboa?" ones, though, which ... Netflix, people, Netflix!

Emma said...

"Oogles of boobies" is a rather innocent way of searching for porn... I am guessing they were either 9 or 90.