Friday, April 13, 2007

Fragina Monologues

This post by one of my new favorite bloggers made me laugh out loud and made me recall two conversations Joseph and I have had about vaginas. That's right, vaginas. You need to use the right words with kids, don't dumb it down for them. Just use the real term, even if it is a gross and hairy sounding word. And I say that as a woman who once used the word "whoo-ha" when talking to her gynecologist. Anyway, on with the show.

Conversation with 3 year old Joseph who just saw me get out of the shower
Joseph: Mommy! Your penis fell off!
Me: I don't have a penis honey. Mommy is a girl and girls have a vagina.
Joseph: Fragina, fragina, fragina, fragina..... (as he walks out of the room)

Conversation with 6 year old Joseph who's watching me change Elle's diaper
Joseph: When will Elle get her penis?
Me: She won't get a penis buddy. Remember? Boys have a penis and girls have a....?
Joseph: A ...... fragile? (pronounced like the dad in A Christmas Story who thinks "fragile" is Italian.)
Me: Close, girls have a vagina.
Joseph: Right, a fragina.
Me: Not a fragina, a ..... ah forget it. That's close enough.

He's going to be saying "fragina" until he's 20 and someday people are going to laugh at him. I'll consider it payback for the time I had him in a busy public restroom with me and he loudly announced "Gosh Mommy, you have a really hairy fragina!"


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Don't you just LOVE what comes out of their mouths? Too funny!

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you like my blog.

Anonymous said...

I would comment, but I'm too busy trying not to wet my pants right now.

My favorite has always been "VaJayJay" :)

Grandma Judy said...

hahahaa.......reminds me of the time Jesse wallked in on me in the bathroom (he must have been about 3 or so...he calle his penis a dingle).and he says to me, Mommy, where's your dingle...and I say, girls don't have dingles....and he says, "then how do you pee?" are great!! I like Joseph's version better than the real word..... has a more feminine sound to it!! Have a wonderful day....and just wait for the day when Elle starts talking about penises........ Love to all..... Grandma Judy

melody said...

Mom of four boys here just loved having to explain vaginas...just loved it. Lucky for me they've always said it correctly, loudly, publicly.

Thanks for the laugh today.:)

The Other Girl said...

Ha! You called your bajingo a "whoo-ha"!

Pendullum said...

Oh yeah,,, I would say let him say fragina until 20 after the hairy fragina comment...