Thursday, April 22, 2010

The cutest thing Elle has ever said

I'm still pumping milk for the twins. This morning I was moving a bunch of it from the freezer in the house to the large freezer in the garage. Elle watched me the whole time and when I was done she said "Mama? You maked all that ice cream for the babies?"

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susan said...

Oh, I don't know. I think "Mama, I want that malk! It delicious!" is also exceedingly cute.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I just read your link to Jen's previous post... Wow, what a memory you have!! It's nice to know that Jen's milk has improved to "ice cream" status.... it must be much richer and creamier now!! Way to go Elle!! Keep encouraging your Mom!! I still like Elle's references to Yesterday and Tomorrow as Lasterday and Nexterday. They really make sense to me and much more descriptivie!!

Grandma Judy (MIL)

Jen said...

"richer and creamier"? Ew. It's my breastmilk and that even grosses me out.