Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mama malk

I think I've turned a corner emotion-wise. I haven't cried in the last two days. Every so often I get a little sad because the whole surrogacy is over (I can't wait to do it again) but otherwise I'm starting to feel more "evened out". As long as I'm not pumping I'm happy.

Because pumping sucks.

Ok, pumping doesn't suck. Blood blisters on your nipples is what sucks. Feeling like you have a rabid weasel attatched to each breast is what sucks. Ending your pumping session and finding that not only are your nipples red and chapped, they're two inches long is what sucks. Washing out the fricken' pumps 100 times a day is what sucks.

But pumping is great! And I'm keeping it up because I want the very best for little A ...... and I want some help with losing this baby weight and pumping is really good for that.

The one thing I really love about pumping is when Elle wants to sit with me while I do it. (Fun fact - I produce a lot more milk when I pump with her in the room.) We have the same conversation every time she sees me pump.

Elle: Mama, you pump-pump again?
Me: Yep, I'm pumping again.
Elle: You make-a the malk?
Me: Yep.
Elle: That malk is for the babies?
Me: Yes, this milk is for the baby.
Elle: Mama, you almost done make-a malk?
Me: Not yet honey.
Elle: Malk is for the babies?
Me: Yes, for the baby.
Elle: Mama, I want that malk! It delicious!


andi said...

You're pumping too? Girl, I don't think there is anyone more selfless than you. I HATED pumping - I only did it a few times with each kid and gave up after almost no milk came out.

Ferdinand the Duck said...

But does it taste like light soy milk?

Beany said...

God she's cute, isn't she?

Sophie Treadmill said...

I had no idea you were going to pump! I've heard it can be really hard, just as you describe. Like the other poster, I can't imagine anyone more selfless than you.

I hope to see a post in the very near future about how wonderfully you've spoiled yourself with a day at a spa or whatever spoils you most. You deserve it.

Angela said...

You need to go on a vacation. Somewhere warm, with sand and a Celebrity Rehab marathon. Go alone. Bring fruity mixed drinks. Breathe and relax and celebrate all you've done.

Anonymous said...

Pumping sucks in a big way and you are a ROCK STAR for doing it.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You are an awesome woman!

Kymberli said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I'm also a surrogate and I'm in my second journey and currently cycling. I pumped for 4 months at the end of my last journey and was able to provide over 8 months of EBM. It's hard work, but so worth it! I had an almost two-year old attached to my hip during most of my pumpings, too.

desperate housewife said...

Hey, found you through Poot and Cubby. I just want to tell you how AMAZING you are; I am honestly in shock from reading your last few posts. You are a rock star, truly.
My doula with my last birth is a surrogate as well, currently trying to have a second child for the parents of the first. I don't think she pumped for them, too, though. That is just SO unselfish; I can barely force myself to pump for my own kid when I know I'll be away. It's just so painful and time-consuming. You have a very, very giving heart and are doing such a wonderful thing for those daddies. Best to you!