Monday, February 04, 2008

How I lost 6 pounds in one day

Remember when Elle "spilled out her mouth" on Wednesday? Well, by Friday afternoon I caught whatever it was that she had.

Mine started out a little differently. Around noon on Friday everything in my intestines turned to liquid and started shooting out of me at a high rate of speed. Attractive image, I know. This kept up at a rate of every 15-30 minutes or so. I was pretty amazed since I really hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day.

Around eight o'clock I started throwing up. A lot. I would drink a sip of water and throw up several cups worth. It just wouldn't stop and I didn't know where it was all coming from.

As a side note, here's how you know you married a good guy: You find youself sitting on the toilet ..... doing what people do on the toilet when they're sick and you're throwing up at the same time. If your husband is a good guy, like mine, he doesn't even flinch. He just stands there and helps you hold your throw-up bucket and brushes your hair out of your face. That's a good guy.

I finally had Jesse take me in to the hospital around 11 because I was so dehydrated that I was starting to have contractions. You know I'm all set to give birth any time now but I did not want to have to give birth while I was in the midst of a stomach flu.

I was wheeled right up to the labor and delivery floor but I don't even remember much of what went on there because at that point I was so out of it. I do know that when they first got me into a room they weighed me and I had lost over 6 pounds from when I had been weighed at my OB check up the day before.

They decided to keep me overnight to get me rehydrated. After a couple of bags of fluid the contractions stopped, thank goodness. It wasnt't until I had been given four bags of IV fluids that I was able to pee. The kind of freaky thing was that I was so dehydrated that all the swelling in my fingers and ankles went away. So I guess we know where all that extra liquid was coming from.

Thankfully this just seemed to be a 24 hour bug and on Saturday afternoon I was able to keep down a "lunch" of toast, rice, applesauce and banana. I was sent home where I pretty much slept for the next 24 hours.

Not to say that the adventure ends there. Joseph was at my parent's house while I was in the hospital on Saturday afternoon he started to throw up too. Now Joseph is a peanut to start with and he just doesn't have much weight to lose so it's a problem when he starts throwing up. Poor Jesse had just barely gotten me home and settled before he was off to my parent's house to drop off Elle, pick up Joseph and run him into the ER. (Thank goodness for parents!)

I guess Jesse and Joseph had a long wait in the ER because the place was just filled with people who were dealing with the same bug. Thank goodness Joseph only needed half a bag of fluids and some tylenol and he was able to come home. He was pretty much his regular self by Sunday.

All in all, a pretty crummy weekend. I would not reccomend it. But if you do decide to try something like this, try to have a guy like Jesse around to see you though it all. The guy is a life saver.


Ben said...

Be nice to Jes......oh wait.

Glad to hear you're better.

Amber (Heathen Mommy) said...

Hehe "I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight!"

That sounds awful. glad it was only a one day deal!

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, this is totally an international bug. I am sorry you got it, too.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has this. Two words: biological warfare.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Glad you're feeling better.

jennifer h said...

We had this at our house a week ago. I also lost 6 pounds in 24 hours. Good fun.

Glad you're feeling better. I remember the size of my ankles at the end of my pregnancies. There are pictures. It wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Grim. That's not a diet I want to try out any time soon. I hope you're on the mend.


Sophie Treadmill said...

Ugh! Glad you and everyone in your household is feeling better!