Friday, February 29, 2008

Survivor tidbits

1. The funniest thing I have seen on Survivor in a while was Ozzy hiding the immunity idol under his straw hat as he talked to Kathy. The hat was way up high on his head and it appeared to have a flowered scarf on it and it was way funnier looking than I can describe here. Trust me.

2. Tracy is one smart cookie. She knew exactly what to say to get send Joel into a panic and vote out Mike. I'm bummed that they're mixing up the tribes next week (as per the previews) because I would have like to see how she would have done next week with her original tribe. This tribe mix-up is going to screw with an interesting dynamic. Poo.

3. I wonder if anyone will be fooled by Ozzy's "immunity idol". What would you think if you found that stick? I think I would think that someone already found the real idol. If I was Ozzy I would have gotten rid of the cloth the idol was wrapped in and moved that rock to another spot. That's just me though. I don't want to second guess Ozzy though because I do like him when he's not trying to devour Amanda's face.

4. When in the hell did I start to like Eliza? What is happening to me? The world made sense a couple of weeks ago!

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Ferdinand the Duck said...

I barely watched Vanuatu, but I remember liking Eliza. She reminds me of Peih Gee and Marquesas Kathy, who I also liked.

I was also really impressed with Tracy's scramble. I really loved her line at TC about how none of the old folks competed in the IC and they still lost. The only person I'm really hating right now is that rat-faced long haired dude who stopped Jeff and begged everyone to vote out Chet. I don't think they've shown him saying a single thing that hasn't been totally bratty and obnoxious.