Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I think they're trying to tell me something

Yesterday I was playing this game with Joseph where I tell him something and look him right in the eyes and he tells me something and looks me right in the eyes. Sounds fun doesn't it? Doesn't it? Yeah, that's pretty much Joseph's reaction too. When we play it his statements usually include things like "I hate this stupid eye game you make me play." and "Can I please do something else now?!?"
(But I am a mean mother and I make him play anyway. Because, you know, I sort if want him to have the ability to establish eye contact with people when he's talking to them. It may sound silly but it has helped a lot.)

So we're playing yesterday and I ask Joseph to tell me something that I don't know. He pauses for a moment and then (looking very pleased with himself) says "You don't have very many eye lashes and your eyebrows look like a boys eyebrows."

This morning Elle was drawing on her doodle pro and she drew this:
That's me. You can see my eyes and my nose. There are my arms and my legs (they hang out of my mouth). You can see my hair and my ....... wicked unibrow.

I think I might need to do a little grooming.


Beany said...

Oh, too funny.
I'm never playing the eye game with Joseph.
Elle is not allowed to draw a picture of me.

nell said...

I think you look AWESOME!

andi said...

Personal grooming, you say? I just abandoned what I like to think of as my World Record attempt at the longest leg hair. I'm sure my husband is relieved. What? Too much information?

Anonymous said...

Elle is drawing that well at 2.5 years old! Wow.... I am impressed!! You can always count on your children to be brutally honest! But in some ways that is good...motivates us old folks to get with it!! Hope all are well. Love to all of you.... Grandma Judy