Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snowball massacre

We took the kids out for one final romp in the snow before spring sets in. (I hope, I hope, I hope!) Joseph decided to start throwing snowballs (aka hardened chunks of ice) at me.

I wasn't going to stand for that. "Get behind me!" I yelled to Elle. (Enjoy my ladylike and dainty gloves and boots. They're Jesse's.

Joseph picked up the same ice chunk I threw at him and came after me with it.

He got me!

Elle tried to help.

Then she lost interest.

So I had to take care of business.

I love my kids.

And I really, really love my new camera.


Cathy said...

Glad you got out and played in the snow. I think I would have stayed in and pouted - or maybe gone sledding. =)
I love that last picture

nell said...

Your kids are adorable, and your new camera is clearly awesome. However, you have my deepest sympathies that there is still that much snow at your house. I hope spring come soon!