Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sometimes he's so flipping cute

Joseph is up in his room right now throwing a yelling, crying, kicking temper tantrum because Elle looked at once of his books. He's yelling things like "This proves it! I knew they never loved me!" and "Why did I even make her a mother's day present?!?" He came by the nickname Drama Joe honestly.

To remind myself that he's not always a whirling dervish of emotion and angst I'll tell you a cute little story. Today when Joseph came out of school to be picked up I could see he was clutching something tightly in his hands. When he got to the car I opened up the door for him and he handed me what he had been holding: a little plastic container with 4 tiny plants growing in it. "Mommy!" he said breathlessly "I planted these at school! Now we can save money on groceries because I'm growing my own carrots!"

See? He's cute sometimes.


andi said...

Ha ha! Just think of what you could do with all that extra carrot money!

Mrs. Schmitty said... can make carrot soup, and carrot bread, and carrot, um, carrot, um carrots.

Karl said...

That's just like children. They act out, get on your very last nerve, and then they pull something cute like that. They have amazing sense of timing.

Radiomom Rhetoric said...

I will trade you the carrots for what I got yesterday....mine brought home a paper dixie cup of 8ants, some misc grass clippings and sand. Caught on the playground. Mmmmm...ants....LOL

Jen said...

andi - I've got big plans. Perhaps a gumball purchase is in my future.

mrs schmitty - That is if I don't manage to kill the plant first. I have a brown thumb.

Karl - He's got great timing. It's saved him from being sold to the gypsies many times.

radiomom - Ants in a cup? Cute. It's a like a little pet. Only 87% more likely to get into your walls and breed.

Crunchy Carpets said...

you will be fine in a disaster...he can hunt and grow veggies for you!

Caity stood at the top of the stairs last night yelling that I just proved I didn't love her...that it was all a lie.

For putting her to bed

Jen said...

crunchy - Clearly you are the cruelest mother ever.

kik said...

Try to get this book. It's great!

It's called Now everbody really hates me. It's a picture book that kids and adults can relate too!

Jen said...

kik - That's hilarious!