Friday, April 04, 2008

Survivor tidbits

Dear Eliza,
I have never, in all of my many seasons of watching Survivor, ever seen anything funnier than you having the following conversation with Jason:
E: That can't be the immunity idol!
J: Yes it is!
E: No! It can't be!
J: Uhhhh...... why?
E: Because it's just A STICK!
I laughed loud and I laughed long. It was the best moment of the entire season.
Your new #1 fan,
PS Isn't Ami almost a little bit creepy with the way she can look someone in the eyes and smile as attempts to destroy them?


Ferdinand the Duck said...

Oh it was so genius. I'm really rooting for Eliza and Cirie.

And Ami is more than a little creepy. Did you notice the machete she was holding when she went all crazyeyes on Erik? A true crazy lady.

Anonymous said...

ooh survivor talk,I love survivor lol.I liked it when Ami thanked Erik for telling them her plans.Cause she feels she has trully bonded with them and thanked him for it.CRAZY! The stick immunity idol has cracked me up!