Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lucky girl

I get to see little A next week. I'm really looking forward to getting in some good snuggle time. I'm really looking forward to seeing J and B again too. One wonderful and unexpected result of the surrogacy was how close I feel like we've all gotten. I didn't go into this expecting to make such good friends but I'm so happy it worked out this way.

I feel like I probably wasn't totally fair in the way I described J. Yes, he was often a nervous wreck but he was also (and continues to be) generous, kind, caring and concerned. Now that a little time has passed I'm really able to see that his nervousness was really just because he wanted the best for his baby. Using a surrogate means surrendering an enormous amount of control. I probably wouldn't be able to do it and all things considered, J actually handled things pretty well.

On Friday I got some nice pictures of A in the mail. A few of them were of him and I together the day after he was born. It meant so much to me to get those pictures and I'm so thankful that J and B are so willing to let me have them. They've both been so wonderful since A has been born. J and I talk on the phone fairly often and it's not unusual for us to talk for an hour at a time. I didn't think I was going to come out of this with such good friends and there were probably moments when I was pregnant J and I would have happily strangled each other but in the end it's all worked out so wonderfully.

I am a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

My best friend became pg with her third child 2 years ago.She opted for a open adoption.It has been a wonderful experience for all.She wanted her baby to go to a family that could not conceive.This family had also adopted once before so the baby would have a sibling.It was rough for my friend in the beginning but it all has turned out so well:)Its just a beautiful gift!

andi said...

Wow. What happy pills did you take and where can I get them? Seriously, though, I'm glad everything has worked out so well. :)