Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interview with Joseph

I wanted to ask Joseph some questions about his perspective on Aspergers. All his answers here are exactly what he said to me in response to my questions.

Me: What is Aspergers?
Joseph: We don't really know. The world doesn't know.

M: What do you know about Aspergers?
J: That I don't like certain sounds and it's something that makes me really smart.

M: Is there anything about having Aspergers that you don't like?
J: Not much.

M: Is there anything having Aspergers that you do like?
J: Yeah, everything. I'm smart.

M: Does having Aspergers every make anything harder for you?
J: No, not recently.

M: But in the past?
J: It made it hard to eat.

M: Does having Aspergers make anything at school harder or easier?
J: Yes, because I'm good at math.

M: Does having Aspergers make anything harder or easier when it comes to making friends?
J: No.

M: Is there something you would like people to know about Aspergers?
J: That if I have Aspergers you don't have to treat me different.

M: Do people treat you different?
J: No.

M: If someone gave you a magic pill that would take away Aspergers would you want to take it?
J: No.

M: Why not?
J: Because I like being the way I am.

M: If someone gave you a magic pill that would change one thing about Aspergers would you take it and what would you want to change?
J: That I don't get angry so easily.

M: Is there anything else you would like to tell me?
J: No. Can I watch Ratatouille now?

I was interested to hear that Joseph feels so positive about Aspergers. I wonder if he'll always feel that way or that change some as he gets older and discovers some of the ways that he's different from neurotyipcal kids.


Karl said...

Very interesting. First time here. Thanks for coming by my site. Always nice to meet new people.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so glad that Joseph is so happy with the way he is!! What a shining example for us! He is wise beyond his years! Grandma Judy

Nerine said...

Thanks for writing this.