Monday, April 14, 2008

My kid is cool like that

I refuse to be jealous of the fact that my son's blog gets more hits than mine.

Joseph sure did get a kick out of all the comments that he got on his blog. He even said "That's more comments than you get isn't it mommy?" I tried to explain that it's fun to get comments but that me might now always get that many. He's pretty sure I'm wrong about that.

He's probably right. Just watch the little guy blow my non-swag-getting, non-baby-camp-invited ass right out of the water with his blog stats. Soon people will be like "dooce? Who's dooce? We love Drama Joe!" And I'll be here trying to siphon off just a tiny bit of his traffic for myself. Because I'm lonely like that.

Speaking of dooce, I don't really "get" dooce. I'm sure she's a very nice woman but I have to admit that I don't really understand the appeal of her blog. I read her for a while but one day I realized that I have to really care about someone a lot to want to see pictures of their dog and even then I'm probably not going to want to see pictures of their dog every day and I don't really care what the new lamp that she bought looks like and why am I even reading her blog anymore?

To be clear, she seems like a perfectly lovely person (and I have to be very clear about this because even though there's only like a 1 in 80 gabillion chance that she will ever see this I don't want her to read this and (even though she doesn't seem like a spiteful person) bring the wrath of the entire internets down on my head.) I just don't see what it is that's so compelling about her. I read tons of blogs that are far less popular than hers that I find tons more interesting and compelling and engaging. So what is it about her that draws people in? And how can I get some of that for myself?*

*I don't really care about traffic. I just wish I was popular enough for people to send me free stuff and ask me come to blogging conferences at Disney World.


Caustic Cupcake said...

You are totally invited to the blog conference in New Jersey. Or, you would be if there were one.

I think all of us harbor that secret hope that our blog will suddenly explode in popularity and we'll be able to make rent off of ad revenue. I know I sure do.

Sam said...

I think that what has become is very different than the site that found fame in blogland. I still read it, but I miss the old Heather, the one without all the marketing polish.

Crunchy Carpets said...

me too....

Avitable said...

I'll invite you to my Halloween party in Orlando - lots of bloggers usually come. That's even better than a conference at Disney!

nell said...

It's so cool that Joseph as his own blog, I love it!

I am totally with you on dooce, I read for a while and then realized that it was total drivel and stopped. But maybe what Sam said is true, it's just that I never knew the old Heather.