Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't you wish your girlfriend was a Minnesotan like me?

Want to know why school was cancelled for today?

Just to be clear, this picture was taken this morning. It's showing no signs of stopping either.

The pros of this snowfall are: 1) It's keeping the trash from the drug dealers house from blowing into our yard. 2) We're going to build an awesome snowman later. 3) Joseph got to stay home from school and I got to stay home from an IEP re-evaluation meeting that I wasn't prepared for.

The cons are: 1) IT'S APRIL 11TH! It should not be snowing like this at this time of year. I'm not an Eskimo, I was not built for this weather. Sigh.


Ferdinand the Duck said...

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I had to show that pic to everyone in my office. We're getting slushy freezing rain right now, I'm assuming as punishment for having a warm, non-windy day on Tuesday.

I hate this fucking winter.

Cathy said...

Hey this made me feel better about our cold and windy day today - but it better not come this way Sunday. We're expecting snow then as well. I couldn't imagine a snow day in April! My gosh!