Friday, June 18, 2010

A short play about that time Elle wore a yellow dress

To set the scene - Elle has just changed into her 14th outfit of the day - a bright yellow dress.  She looks in the mirror and is amazed at how great she looks.

Elle: Look at how CUTE I look!  Baba will not believe how CUTE I look in this dress!  I will him how CUTE I am!  Baba!  Look at how CUTE I look!
Joseph: You look like a banana.
Me: Joseph!  That's not very kind.
Joseph: You look like a beautiful banana.
Elle:  Baba said I lookeded BEAUTIFUL!

Two years ago today I tried the Princess Potty Training method with Elle.
Three years ago today I was pregnant.  Again.  A lot.


susan said...

Joseph is such a good brother. :)

Anonymous said...

Proves the theory that we hear what we want to hear!! Your kids are wonderful!! Of course, I might be just a tad bit prejudiced!

Grandma Judy