Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New York questions I need the answers to RIGHT NOW

I'm packing for my trip to New York and I have a couple of questions that I thought you, my wise and well traveled friends, might be able to answer.

1. If Elle wears handmade dresses in New York will people laugh at her?

2. If I wear maxi-skirts in New York will people laugh at me?
2.a. If people do laugh at me can I distract them by pointing out how my clothes might be dorky but at least they're not handmade like those belonging to a certain kid who's name I will not mention.
2.b. Aren't maxi-skirts the best?  I like to put them on and then go out and work in my garden.  I pretend I'm Laura Ingalls.  This isn't so much a question as it is ... something else.

3. Am I the most neurotic person on the planet?

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Lindsay said...

Here's what to do in New York: Accessorize. Sure, wear whatever you want, but wear it with flair. You need a scarf, and bangle bracelets, and a bag across your chest, and a re-useable shopping bag and sunglasses. I kid you not. New Yorkers wear alot of Stuff. Also, when on the street, try to look busy and cooler than you really are.
Do not, under any circumstances pretend to be Laura Ingalls in New York City. That would be embarrassing.

Stimey said...

I think Elle is cute enough that she can get away with it.

If people laugh at you, tell them that you have a blog and that you write about your kids' poop. Then laugh awkwardly. (I'm still laughing at your airport story.)

I'm not even going to pretend to give you fashion advice. Go with what Lindsay says.

jenn said...

You could wear a chicken suit and carry a whip on the streets of New York, and nobody will give you a second glance. Swear. It's actually quite refreshing.

Eile said...

The odder you are in NYC the better off you are. You could be the next fashion trend. Don't believe me? read the tipping point. Or better yet watch Rent. That crazy guy in the Christmas dress...they sold it at the Gap the next year.

Ben said...

Everyone else in NYC will be wearing handmade stuff too. Just, you know, handmade by a six year old in Malaysia.

Lindsay said...

Stimey would look pretty good in New York because she is tatooed, and wears tons of accessories in the form of fifty silver bangles, plus belts, and boots. And sunglasses.