Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I've been pretty lucky when it comes to cravings so far. Nothing too crazy and most of the time they're not too bad. For a while I was craving red meat all the time but that stopped. I still like mac and cheese with steak sauce but that's not too wierd. Is it? Aside from that one time I wanted (ugh) pork rinds (ugh) I haven't wanted anything too gross either. So, I've been pretty lucky in the craving department.

So why is it that today all I could think about was celery salt? If I had some in the house I would have probably just sprinkled it on my tounge. Honestly, I have never experianced anything like that craving. I don't even know if I like celery salt. I know there's a theory that says if you're craving something it's because your body needs it but ...... celery salt?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever had your celery salt level tested? Who knows?

Ben said...

I can't even think of what celery salt tastes like.

Anonymous said...

I know it's in dumpling soup. Maybe you're craving that.