Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Two conversations with Joseph

It started yesterday-

Me: Joseph, this is going to be our last summer with just you and me and Daddy. We have to do lots of fun stuff together don't we?
Joseph: Like what?
Me: We can go swimming or to a museum or back to the zoo. What else can you think of?
J: How about washing an old man?
M: Huh? Where would we find an old man?
J: Maybe in South America.

And then today-

Joseph: Mommy, can we get some Dawn dishwashing liquid?
Me: Why?
J: Because it's tough on grease and soft on hands.
M: We already have some dishwashing liquid.
J: Well, maybe we can use it on that old man we're going to wash this sumer!

My kid is a freak.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps when he said "wash an old man" it was just his cryptic way of saying he wants to vote in round 1 of the Disney Hero March Madness....thing. Which, just by chance, is up and running.