Thursday, June 16, 2005

My funny kids

The baby has been moving around like crazy the past few days. Last night I was taking a bath and she was all over the place. I laid really still and pretty soon I could see my belly bouncing around a little bit. That was pretty cool. She must have been doing flips in there because I could feel her more than I ever could before. I just had to kind of laugh every time my belly moved. It's so surreal.

Today was the Waite Park city-wide garage sale and Joseph and I went out looking for baby things. We found pretty much nothing. Nothing but Beanie Babies that is. We saw them nearly everywhere we went. At one garage sale I was paying for some Beanies and Joseph was playing a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot game with this other little boy at the sale. The other kid won and Joseph turns to me and happily says "I didn't win but that's ok because I still have my imagination and no one can ever take that from me!" Talk about surreal.

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