Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just look at ........ PLOP

I took Joseph in to see a dermetologist today to have a couple of moles looked at. One is er... was behind his ear. It's pretty large and when his hair is really short you can see it really well. Sometimes he picks at it and it gets all red and inflamed. More than once he has been standing around minding his own business and someone across the room will yell "He has a tick behind his ear!" Even after I explain it's just a mole they continue to shriek like mental patients that it looks like a mole. So I wanted to get it removed. (By the way, Jesse is against this for some reason. Why? Who knows, he'll have to expain it in his own blog ... that he doesn't have. So I'll just make up a reason: He has a mole behind his ear too and he wanted Joseph to be a member of his Mole Behind The Ear Club.)

The doctor aid it would be no problem to remove the mole and he could do it right then and there. He had Joseph lay down on the table and told him he was going to give him a little pock behind his ear. Joseph happily laid down and the nurse had him turn his head to look at me. The doctor gave him a little shot of novicane right on the mole and Joseph hardly even flinched. I, however, could not help noticing how hot it seemed to be getting in the room. Joseph held my hands and smiled his sweet little smile at me. I started to sweat buckets of ice cold sweat. The doctor took out the razor blade. Joseph chatted with the nurse about his new shirt. I gripped the table with one hand while holding Joseph's hands with the other. Everyone in the room was all smiles. Ok, mine was more of plastered on grimace but I was doing my best. The doctor brought the razor blade up to Joseph and the nurse said "Just look at Mommy!". I faintly mumbled "Just look at .... Mo .... mm......"

The next thing I remember was that the nurse had her hand on my back and was asking me if I needed to sit down. I was clutching on to Joseph's hands so tightly that I'm suprised I didn't break them. I don't think I actually passed out because I was still standing but the room definatly went black once I saw the doctor start slicing. I caught a look at myself in the mirror and I was pure white.

Once the doctor finished up and I had recovered a bit from the trauma of seeing a minor, routine procedure performed on my son the nurse talked to us about how to care for the spot where the mole had been. I was actually feeling pretty good until we were walking out of the room and I saw the razor blade with the mole still on it on a tray..........PLOP

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