Monday, June 06, 2005

It's a gas

This afternoon I spent a half hour doubled over in pain on the kitchen floor. I couldn't even move because I had such a sharp, shooting pain in my abdomen. I was covered in sweat, shaking, unable to catch my breath and honestly thinking I was going to pass out. I was scared but I couldn't even go and get the phone because if I moved the pain got about 10 times worse. Then, just as suddenly as it came, it was gone.

So, what was it? Gas.

Yeah, gas. Killer-monster gas, but gas all the same. It was bizzare because the pain was so bad that I was honestly scared that there was something wrong with the baby. In retrospect I'm glad I couldn't get to the phone because if I had called Jesse and he had come home to rush me to the hospital I would have been pretty humilated when they looked at me and said "Yeah, you just need to fart.".

And just to be clear, in case anyone thinks I'm over-reacting, this really, really, really hurt. Since I can't really find the words to describe it, just believe me. It was bad.

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