Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy (belated) Father's Day!

I meant to post this on Sunday but I just didn't get around to it. I'm a slug.

So, Happy Belated Father's Day to Jesse and (or course!) my very own Dear Old Dad. In honor of Father's Day here are some Dad memories that I wanted to share.

1- When we lived in California we would go to The Fisherman's Wharf and Dad would always try to get Ben and I to eat these little marinated squid that he would buy. We always said no but he would always try. Finally he offered us a quarter to do it. I did, Ben did not. I can't remember how it tasted but I do remember how pleased Dad was that someone finally tried one. Now that I think about it I can't figure out what he was so determined to get us to eat those slimy little things.

2- I used to have these ceramic Raggety Ann book ends when I was little. One time Ben was in my room and broke them. I was so sad that Dad made up a song about a broken Raggety Ann. I don't remember how it went but I do know it made me feel better and I always wanted him to sing it after that. Dad also does a killer version of "Home, Home on the Range" ("They plaaa-aaay all daa-aaaay").

3- When I was on the swim team Dad (and Mom!) would come to every meet that Ben and I had. During every race Ben and I were in Dad would stand by the pool and yell for us. I can so clearly remember being underwater and not being able to hear anything except Dad's voice loudly cheering me on. Even though I kind of sucked as a swimmer he would always yell for me just as loudly as he did for Ben who was awesome.

4- This is not a specific memory, but it is one of my favorite things about Dad. We can talk for hours and hours about Disney stuff. How to have the perfect trip, what rides are the best, where you would eat if you only had one meal in DisneyWorld, what movie deserves it's own ride, the list goes on and on. You'll never meet someone who puts as much thought into Disney stuff as my Dad. He's always planning his next trip there even though he only gets to take one trip for every 10 he plans.

5- When I was 17 and wanting to buy my first car Dad was the one to take me car shopping. After a few fruitless outtings Dad came to see me at work one day. He had gone out and found the perfect car for me all on his own! Looking back I realize that it was probably easier to car shop without a moody 17 year old tagging along but it still meant a lot to me. It was a good car too and I had it until Jesse and I had been married for about 2 years.

6- I seem to have this vauge memory of Dad coming over to build new steps for our front door. Could that be because he did it this last Sunday? Oh yeah, that's right! My dad (and Jesse) spent Father's Day building new front steps for the house. He's done a ton of work on this house. Putting shelves in Joseph's closet, putting HUGE shelves in the basement, fixing the shower drain (that invloved tearing down a wall), ripping out plaster walls and putting up sheetrock in Joseph's room, the list goes on and on.

I LOVE my dad. He's such an amazing person, so funny and generous and laid back and handy (the man can fix anything!). I feel very lucky to have him as a father and very lucky to have him as a Grandpa for my kid(s). Joseph wanted to add something too:

Thank you for taking me to the movies. I like going to your house. You're a good fixer. Thank you for fixing the new steps. It's very fun when you play with me all the time. You are good at computer games. You made me a shirt. That's all. Love, Joseph.

I love you Dad!

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Ben said...

Hey I ate that squid! I clearly remember it!
When I open up the crab sham on Seafood Night at work it's just like being back on Fishermans Wharf. Strongest memories tied to smell and all.