Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm not fat, I'm just cold

From a week-by-week pregnancy site I visit:
"Your baby is almost completely formed (at 23 weeks), and is beginning to deposit brown fat on his or her body. The purpose of the brown fat is to retain body heat."

From now on when I have the craving for chocolate I'm going to give in to it because I think I might need more brown fat to get me through the winter. And never mind the fact that only newborns have brown fat, that it eventually goes away as we get a little older. I'm sticking to my claim that my butt needs to be this big to keep me from freezing to death.

Just to be clear, I didn't pass out at the doctors office when I saw the mole, I just was trying to say that I almost passed out thinking about it. It's making me all sweaty right now. uhhhhhhh....

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