Monday, June 13, 2005

Joseph stuff

Joseph grinds his teeth so much that I'm worried he's going to have them down to little nubs by the time they are supposed to fall out. His dentist said he would probably grow out of it but it has only gotten worse. When he's asleep in his room we can clearly hear him in our room, that's how loud it is. I asked my chiropractor about it and she suggested I bring Joseph in for an adjustment. So on Wednesday Joseph is going to have his first chiropractor appointment. There's no spot in the baby book for that.

Here's what Joseph has to say: I'm watching tv. I like pie. I like puppies. Daddy eated one of Mommy's cookies. I'm watching tv. That's all. This is from Joseph. I like Velma. I have 100 babies in my tummy.


Anonymous said...

Here's how cute Joseph is. He was at my house and I found some toys in a box that I was going to donate to Goodwill. (figurines) He wanted me to say "Pick me" for each of them to decide if he was going to take it. Then when we were all done, he takes my hand and says "I pick Beany." and wants me to go with him. No wonder we're all nuts about him. It's like he knows just where the spot in your heart is that he hasn't touched yet, and then "ping" there it is. Or whoomp there it is. I'm sorry I said that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can get Joseph to stop grinding his teeth long enough to check out round 2 of the Disney Hero June Madness....thing.
What with it being up and running and all...