Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Letters to people and other things

Dear Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi,
Today is my second day without caffeine. This morning I tried to start the car with piece of turkey jerky.  I miss you.

Dear little bird in my front yard,
I'm sorry I cut down the bush that your nest was in.  I didn't realize what I had done until I saw the broken egg.  Really, I'm sorry.  But can you please stop sitting on the leftover bush stump and tweeting mournfully?  You're starting to bum me out.

Dear Jesse,
Thanks for that weird text about your urine last night.  You really know how to keep the magic alive.

Dear womb,
You are on vacation.  Please stop flipping around like that every time you see a baby.  Seriously.  For a few months let's just focus on things like getting laundry done and the garden weeded.

Dear guy I always see when I drop the kids off at school,
Some days you wear too-tight polo shirts and a bluetooth.  Some days you wear hipster t-shirts and a fedora.  Can you please decided what type of a douche bag you are and just stick with it already?

Dear Donald Trump,
I think I've finally got it figured out.  Everyone you know hates you and they're passive aggressively letting you know that by not telling you how terrible your hair looks.  Am I right?  Or is it that you pay people to tell you how great your hair looks?

Dear St Joe Meat Market turkey jerky,
You are peppery and delicious and yummy. You taste a lot better than my keys.  Trust me on that one.

Two years ago today I exposed myself to the neighbors.  Again.
Three years ago today I had a great lining.
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Anonymous said...

Hi there.... saw this yesterday... I hope the little bird has stopped singing her sorrow song, and has moved on. I don't know how you are coping as well as you are without caffeine... I have given up trying to stop having that in my diet (chocolate has some in it, too!!). Take care and watch that turkey jerkey!!

Grandma Judy

Beany said...

What the? I don't even know what to say. Giving up the the wildly cherryful diety pepsi-ness of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi? Ok then. More for me.