Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to my blog Mr President

I was just browsing my stats and one visitor in particular caught my eye.

"Office of the President"

Could you just die?  Obama visited my blog!  Oh the honor, the prestige, the pure unadulterated excitement of having the President of the United States visit my blog!  And he didn't just read one page either.  He read like a dozen.  In fact, let me just bring up a screen shot so that you can see for....

Hmm.  Upon closer inspection I see that it actually says "Office of the President - University of California".

Well then.  I suppose that's a little less exciting than finding out Obama is reading this blog.  But still, the president of the University of California!  Or perhaps his secretary!  Or a janitor who has a pregnancy fetish!  That's pretty neat.

I'm going to be honest here.  When I'm old I'm going to tell my grand kids about this but I'll lie and say it was the president of the United States but they won't understand what I'm talking about because in the future everyone will have cameras implanted in their eyes so that everyone can constantly see what everyone else is doing at all time and I'll tell my story and they'll be all "There's no such thing as a blawg Grandma!  Stop talking crazy or we'll get back in our hover cars and go back to our houses on the moon!"

Or maybe I'll tell them about the time I was in the airport and this kid (I say "kid" because he was in his early 20's and I have The Old) wearing a Blogger t-shirt sat down next to me.  I said "I like your shirt!  I have a blog too!" and he was like "Oh.  Yeah.  My sister bought it for me.  It's supposed to be ironic." and then a long uncomfortable silence followed.  Then he took pity on me and said "Um... you said you have a blog?  What's... that's... all about?" and I couldn't even think of a lie fast enough so I just blurted out "Oh, hahaha, you know, hahaha, I just tell stories about my kids, hahaha, you know, poop stories and stuff like that, hahahah, Iprettymuchhaveamommyblog, hahahahaha!" and then he got up and moved away from me without saying another word.  That story is 100% true and it was even more awkward than words can express and now that I think about it it's kind of embarrassing so I don't think I'll tell that one to my grand kids. 

I'll just tell them about the time the president visited my blog.

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Jennfactor 10 said...

Your airport story is EXACTLY the kind of situation I find myself in when I try to be social. Which is why I prefer pathologically shy. (And I will be stealing the line "...I have the Old." Just so you know.)

Ben said...

I used to get semi-regular visitors from the Vatican.

Stimey said...

Oh my God, your airport story is the best thing I have ever heard. I am just so, so glad it didn't happen to me because I would probably have done exactly the same thing.

Stupid hipsters.