Monday, June 22, 2009

I like it better when no one knows me

When I signed on with my agency to be a surrogate a second time they asked me if I would consider being a surrogate for a famous person. They told me they had someone specific in mind for me to work with. I found the idea very exciting and said yes without even really thinking about it.

Of course plans changed and I didn't get matched with a famous person. Certain circumstances came up and I was matched with my current wonderful IFs. I really like my guys but for a while I was bummed out that I was going to miss out on the "adventure" of famous intended parents.

Now I'm not so sad any more. The surrogate that is carrying Sarah Jessica Parker's baby is a surrogate with my agency. She's been harassed by the "legitimate" media and by paparazzi. People who know her in real life are cashing in by selling tabloids juicy little tidbits about her life. Two sheriffs deputies broke into her house and tried to get information to sell to tabloids.

Yeesh. I'm glad the celebrity match never came to be. I think I'm happier with my adorable yet anonymous IFs.

On the other hand ... I just read that Neil Patrick Harris is also working with my agency. How fun would it be to have a baby for Doogie Howser?

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K13 said...

holy moly. there is definitely an upside to NOT being SJPs surrogate huh? That's unfortunate for her and it's sad to hear she is being treated that way.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff's deputies broke into her house???? Jeez!!

Yes, being Doogie's surrogate would be awesome. But just think how happy YOUR couple is to have you. :)

dancing_lemur said...

I so thought of you when I read about NPH, and wondered if it was by any chance the same agency! How funny. LOVE HIM. :)

Emily said...

If you had a baby for NPH Justyn would admire you for life.