Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gardening in fashion

Friend: You're getting really tan.
Me: Oh yeah, I guess. It's just because I'm outside every day though.
Friend: (long pause) Yeah, that's usually what causes that.

After it was pointed out to me that I am getting tan I looked at myself and realized that I am starting to get darker but only on the parts of me that my capri pants and t-shirts leave exposed. My solution was to start wearing tank tops and shorts when I garden. I told another friend about this but I accidentally said I wore strapless shirts when I garden and this led us to giggle for about five minutes at the image of me in a tube top.

I decided the other day to try and get more sun on my legs and garden while wearing shorts. Small flaw in that plan. We have grass clippings in between the rows in our garden to keep the weeds down. I kneel on these clipping while I am weeding and what not. I am allergic to grass. After a half hour of weeding and kneeling and watering and crawling I had huge red welts from my ankles to my thighs. Nothing to make you feel smart and sexy like a giant rash from an allergy that you forgot you had.

One year ago today I added a chapter to Joseph's adoption story and did a meme.


Ben said...

Is your dishwasher still broken? I'll wash your dishes for $5! Will provide own soap and scrubbie.

Anonymous said...

Jen, put a barrier between your skin and the grass a towel that you can move along while you work...beach towels have more than one purpose. I think you should take Ben up on his offer!! You can save them up for a couple of days and only pay him $5!! Sounds like a good deal to me!! Glad that you are getting a tan...try gardening in your swimsuit... that way you won't have unmatching lines when you go the beach!! Love to all of you!! Judy

Becky said...

Aww it wasn't picturing you in a tube top that made me laugh! It was the idea of anyone doing it.

youth girls leggings said...

awww. this made me laugh :)