Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I think it's chartreuse

I think most parents would agree that one of the worst things about being a parents is seeing your child sick or hurt. What parent hasn't looked at their ill child and thought "I would take that on myself if it would just make them feel better"?

Elle is sick right now and has spent the last three days laying on the couch. I keep looking at her and thinking "I would gladly take her place ...... if it meant she would stop asking so many questions."

The little bugaboo doesn't seem to have the energy to do much more than watch tv, refuse to eat and demand that I take her temperature. And ask questions. Hundreds and hundreds of questions.

Oh, it started out kind of cute at first.

"Mama?" her soft little voice called out from the pile of pillows and blankets she had situated herself in. "What color does blue and yellow make?"

"That makes green baby."

"Green? And Mama, what color does green and red make?"

"That makes brown"

"Brown? And Mama, what color does brown and black make?"

And on and on it goes. Now that we're on day three of the illness we're up to more difficult color combinations. "Mama, what color does aqua and green and purple and light gray make?"

Even worse than the color wheel inquisition is the non-stop requests for me to spell words for her. "Mama, what spells friend? And what spells cheese? Mama, what spells booger? rainbow? cracker? soap? monkey butt?"

It's not even like she's writing it down! She's just asking for the sake of asking. Of course I have to answer all of her questions because I am not a heartless monster and I don't have it in my heart to deny her the on thing that seems to make her feel better.

Now, does anyone know what color red, orange, black and purple makes?

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Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed and laughed. All I can suggest is some kind of sleep-inducing cold medication. :) That is just so exactly what kids are like.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

We do that too with Zachie. And then I say a color, and he says, "NO! IT MAKES GREEENNNNN!" I'm always wrong.

Anonymous said...

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