Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slip n Slide "fun"

We bought the kids a Slip n Slide for Christmas and yesterday seemed like the right time to break it out, what with it being approximately eleventy billion degrees outside.

The kids vibrated with excitement the entire time I was setting it up. They giggled and cheered as I hooked the hose up. They danced and and laughed as I turned the hose on. They frolicked and squealed as I adjusted the aim of the little squirty things.

When it was all ready to go they stood there in awe. And refused to go anywhere near it.

That's not entirely true. Elle put one foot on it and declared "I don't like this Slippy Slide. I want to go inside."

Joseph was a little braver and took a few trial runs. By trial runs I mean that he ran across the yard at full speed and then when he got to the Slip n Slide he stopped and stood there. I finally convinced him to lay on the Slip n Slide on his belly and let me sort of throw him down to the end. We did that for a few times until I realized I was probably violating the spirit of my doctor's orders to not do any heavy lifting or pushing. Plus I thought I head something pop in my chest.

We turned the Slip n Slide off and declared the day venture a huge success. No one slid off the end of the Slip n Slide and into the garden and got a pepper wedged into their nasal cavity. That counts for a good time around these parts.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man I love the Slip and Slide. I hope my cousins have it set up this weekend when I go to their house for a party! Somehow we had two of them and my dad rigged it so they could both have water somehow. Yes, you know it! Slip and Slide races!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they make it look so FUN on TV!! Then once you get it all staked in the ground, all smoothed out and ready to go, it's like a big boner kill. (Can I say that on here?) Sometimes my kids get stuck halfway down the thing. Fun? No.

Bt, what's IS really fun is getting a giant plastic tarp, putting it on a hill, adding some baby oil or cooking oil, and some water. Now THAT is fun.

Cold Spaghetti said...

Natch. My 5 and 3 year old were stumped and needed copious demonstrations to figure it out. Then I realized that they were the smart ones (run and throw oneself on the hard ground, as if) and took us all to town by making us do it first. Smarty-pants kids.

Stimey said...

I think I hurt something in my nose snorting when I read "I think I heard something in my chest pop." Sit down, woman!

We had a slip and slide one year. My kids couldn't figure out how to use it, so I also had to throw them down the damn thing all summer. Mysteriously, something terrible happened to it over the winter.

Now I'm going to go read why you took Joseph to a crackhouse.