Friday, May 13, 2011

Precious memories?

I've been going through my old pictures and pitching a bunch of them.  Anything where the subject is too blurry or far away to recognize gets tossed.  Anything where I look like a goober gets tossed.  (I look like a goober a LOT.)  Any pictures of animals I don't know, place I don't recognize or people I don't like goes as well.  I think back in the days of film if you took a picture you damned well kept it forever because film was expensive and just because you had no idea who or what that gray blob you took a picture of was no reason not to keep it and treasure it forever.

This is my old dog Sophie.  Yes, she really was this blurry.  And demon eyed.  If you look closely you can see my wall covered with New Kids On The Block pictures.  In my defense I have a really good excuse for this.  It's because I liked NKOTB long after everyone else on the planet realized that they sucked.  That's ok, MORE POSTERS FOR ME!!!
Here's my brother and I swimming at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World.  We were able to obtain this image by purchasing a high tech water  proof disposable camera.  I think we can agree it was worth it.  Interesting side note - this is the last time I let anyone take a picture of me in a swimsuit.
Here's another one of my brother and me.  This was an interesting period for us fashion-wise. That is to say, even though he was a boy and I was a girl two and a half years older than him, we matched.  It's hard to tell here but we have the same haircut.  We're both wearing bright tank tops and brightly colored, geometric patterned shorts.  The only things setting us apart are my Sally Jesse glasses and the fact that I got use of the shared ribcage that day.
Here's a great picture that was really worth hanging onto.  It was taken at the US Air Force Academy and one of those tiny blurs in the back is a boy I was madly in love with at the time.  This was before I figured out what the "zoom" button on my camera was for.  Precious memories.
This must have been in third grade.  I'm wearing a teddy bear pin because my teacher liked teddy bears.  I think this was taken right after I walked through a wind tunnel and mussed my Little House hairdo.
This is a picture I took of Jesse right after we got married.  Jeez, he looks like he's 12.  And in the act of going to catch the bus.  Holy crap.
Now this isn't a terrible picture but there's a funny story behind it.  We were invited to a Halloween party and Jesse and I went as Jerry Springer guests and our friend came with us and went as a security guy from the show. (I made his shirt.)  We were the first people at the party.  The next person to show up was a woman dressed as an M&M and when she got there she took one look at us and whined "Why am I the only one dressed up?"  Meaning, of course, that she thought we really looked like that.  We couldn't stop laughing at her.
Look at my baby!  Oh, he was so tiny.  That's a newborn outfit he's wearing and swimming in.  I think he's about two months old here.

Aw, look at the little cutie pie! Who's the most adorable little pumpkin in the whole wide world? Who's the sweetest little ...
Augh!  Kill it!  Kill it with fire!!!  Ok, I think we can all agree that I didn't age well.  I mean, look at me.  I'm rocking a pants suit.  And we won't even talk about glasses that are so huge I'm amazed I was able to hold my head up.
This is a trading card my dad made for me back when I was on a kid's track and field team.  The stats on the back say I weigh 90 pounds.  I bet 20 of that was my mullet perm and glasses.
This is a phase in my life I call The Kick-Ass Earring Years.  I had a lot of really cool earrings.  And a poodle perm.  And I really liked the jumper I'm wearing in the picture.  Man, I was awesome.
Here's a picture of my family at Christmas.  There's my brother and my dad and my dogs and my mom.  And my mom's hair.  Sorry Mom.  If I end up dead we all know who did it right?

Since turnaround is fair play I want to share one final picture with you.  When I was 14 my mom took me to this woman who did makeovers and gave fashion advice.  She did my hair and makeup.  I seem to remember liking how it turned out.

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Swistle said...

It is the fault of FASHION. Those big glasses (and that big hair, and those awesome earrings) all looked GREAT at the time! So did my bagel bangs and spiral perm and my frosty green eyeshadow and my denim mini-skirt.

Stimey said...

I am so in love with this post. Those years weren't good for anyone. Except Joseph. Look at the iddy biddy liddle cutie pie!

pamywamy said...

You always brighten my day! I almost got in trouble at work I was laughing so hard at your comments.