Thursday, February 22, 2007

Adventures in Google

I always feel a little bad when people come to my blog because they've googled something and somehow got the idea that I had information about it. So as a public service, let me answer a few google queries.

PROBLEM THAT RAVEN-SYMONE HAVE FACE - Er. Hmmmm. I don't think she has a problem with her face other than it looks like her eyebrows were drawn on with a Sharpie. I'll have to look into this one further.

driving when you are drunk disadventages - Well, you could die. You could kill someone. You could get arrested. Those are just a few. Now let's talk about the disadventages of using Google while being a dumbass.

will standing in dog mess harm the baby when your pregnant - I'm sorry, I can't offer any help here. All I can do is imagine someone stepping in dog poop and standing there thinking "Oh no! Is this ok for the baby? I have to google this!" And seriously, unless you're up to your nose in the stuff or rubbing into open open sores, why would it hurt your baby? As an aside, I always cracks me up when people "ask" google questions.

raven symone how much is he worth - I'm not sure if this is aking what Raven Symone is worth is you're asking Raven Symone what someone is worth. The answer to either question is: $1.12.

A couple of other hits I've gotten that I no longer have the log for are:

does pregnancy trigger labor - Yeah, I think this is a pretty big cause of labor.

does spaghetti trigger labor - Yes. Spaghetti has just the right combination of pasta and sauce to trigger labor. It's like nature's pitocin.

where does Raven Symone have her abortions - I .... um.... hmmmm.... I'm gonna have to do a little research on this one.

breastfeeding Zicam - You can try it if you want to but I'm pretty sure it's not going to work. Freak.

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The Other Girl said...

I had no idea your blog was such of fount of Raven Symone information. I will be sure to use it for all of my future Raven Symone information needs!

I recently got, "what does a minty green bowel movement mean." People frighten and confuse me.

Jill said...

How do you find this stuff out?

Emma said...

Do people ask such questions about all celebrities? If you start mentioning Hugh Grant frequently, will Hugh Grants fans google such insane questions about him, or is this a Raven Symone fan trait?

Jill said...

Thanks for the tip, Jen! I think I got it to work! We shall see!

Sheliorama said...

Those Raven Symone searches are hilarious. I'm still only getting hits from people looking for Lyle Lovett's Needs and I haven't even posted about it, only linked to it.

I think I'll link to Raven Symone's abortion clinic and see what happens. I'm bored.

Jen said...

TOG - I think that means you've been eating yopliat chocolate mint yogurt. Not that I would know about that stuff!

Yes, for some reason I get all the wackos who want to know everything there is to know about Raven Symone. I supppose I make it worse every time I talk about it.

StickyKeys said...

But I want to know about Raven Symone! Does she have a new album out? Did she get a facial? J, I depend on you for my gossip! Wait, or is that google reader? Hmmm...