Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Doll Maker

If you liked to play with paper dolls as a kid then you have to check out this doll making site: Dress Up Games It's insanly addictive. I could probably spend hours working on one doll alone. There are almost limitless options. You can customize things like the body base, clothing (this has tons of options), facial features, hair style and color, make-up style and color, shoes and much more. You can even add a background. Here's a doll made using the princess theme.

The best part is that once you've created a doll an HTML code is given to you so that you can use your doll on places like MySpace or as in instant messager icon. Here's a doll made using the Greek Goddess theme.

It's a fun site with lots of free stuff to do and try. If you pay a small fee you can upgrade and get even more stuff to create with. Check it out if you have a chance because it really is lots of fun! If you're really into doll making the site even has "fashion shows" and contests that you can enter. (Ben, you should probably check that out!)
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Miss Emily said...

(= Just kidding.
That's actually cool, I am gonna have to check it out sometime.

Ben said...

I was going to make a post about checking this out, then I read the last line.
Thanks for pre empting me!