Monday, February 12, 2007

Surrogacy update

So my surrogacy update is ...... that there's really no update. We're a teeny, tiny step closer to getting the legal stuff done and I should be getting the contracts fairly soon. Other than that there's nothing new. I'm going to continue to try to be zen about all this.

In other news, Joseph won an award at school for "making positive behavior choices in the lunchroom". Translated to english that means he was good at lunch. He was pretty pleased about the whole thing. I was too because I know how lunch has been a struggle for him. It was nice for him to get some positive feedback. He got a certificate and a pair of sunglasses. What more could you ask for?

Elle continues her quest to be the cutest baby ever. If you say "Hi princess" to her she'll repreat it right back to you. She's such a sweetie.


StickyKeys said...

Good to know things are progressing. And that's great about Joe (do you call him Joe?)

Jen said...

We call him Joseph. In fact, if you call him "Joe" or "Joey" he'll say "Call me Joseph please". He knows what he likes.