Friday, February 23, 2007

Lessons learned

What lessons did the kids learn yesterday? Elle learned that just because you can eat crayons does not mean that you should eat crayons. Joseph learned that no matter how upset it makes you I will not be able to stop myself from laughing if you're playing a game and you scream out to me "Mommy! My balls are out of control!"

Yesterday we the 5 year anniversary of Joseph's adoption. I have a lot of ooshy-gooshy thoughts about that but I'm not able to get them organized. It's sort of overwhelming when I think about it. I'll just say (for now) that we took him out to dinner and a highlight was when he broke out him impression of me yelling at him. "This is what she sounds like on Christmas 'Joseph! Open those presents!' and this is what she sounds like on Thanksgiving 'Joseph! Eat all your stuffing!' and this is what she sounds like when we're in Scotland 'Joseph! Put on a skirt and do an Irish jig!'" Ay yi yi.


Jill said...

Happy Adoption Day! (a little late)

I had to laugh about the eating crayons. The Boy walked up to me the other day with his tongue sticking out, making the most horrendous face, and I could not for the life of me figure out what was dangling from him tongue... wouldn't ya know... tip of a crayone... cotton candy I think (it's kind of like food, right?)

Leslie said...

ROFL! Such a funny post! Love it when my kid does impressions of me too!