Monday, February 19, 2007

Liquid diet

Since I seem unable to kick this stomach flu my doctor has put me on a liquid diet for 2 days. For the 2 days after that I have have soft mushy foods, heavy on the yogurt which she says will help restore all the enzymes and bacteria in my bowel. Lovely! It's day one of the liquid part of the diet and I'm ready to start chewing the walls. I told Jesse I'm going to stay up till everyone has gone to bed and then make and eat an entire pan of brownies. I'm so hungry. I'm not really looking forward to the part of the diet where I eat yogurt. I really, really don't like that stuff. But at this point I would happily eat a bowlful of yogurt over one more sip of chicken broth.

Sigh. I'm so hungry.


Gramma said...

Try Acidophilus,It's in pill form and you take 1 aday with supper. Works wonderfully.

The Other Girl said...

Hey, you were eating yogurt last night, cheater. You could try jello, if you like that, although it's not really very food-like. Or pudding. I shouldn't have said that; now I want pudding.

Feel better.

Jen said...

Damn girl, what are you? The food police? I tired ok, but I just got to hungry! Anyway, I've already had my punishment in the form of minty butt taste in my mouth.

Shell said...

Ack! I'm so sorry. Yogurt makes me gag. Awful stuff.

Feel better!