Monday, November 10, 2008

A few (stolen) thougths on Prop 8

How is it that people are ok with Prop 8? I mean, I know not everyone is ok with it but how is it sitting right with anyone? How can anyone be ok with the majority of California's voters voting to amend the constitution so that they are able to take away people's rights? How is it that we're not all outraged by this?

My own thoughts on this issue are too jumbled up for me to write them out clearly so check out what these other more eloquent people had to say about the issue:

Looky Daddy - Your days are none the better for what you have done

The Mighty, Might Monkseak - Things I got from the election

Wheels on the Bus - And happy Monday to you

Stimeyland - My sister got married!

Bitch Ph.D. - Love

If there's anything else out there you think should be listed let me know and I'll add it.


Laggin said...

That whole thing just upsets me so badly. I know the next generation...our kids (well, mine...YOURS are a bit young)...think that adults are crazy because we won't just let people live and love who they love. I really hope we don't have to wait a generation to see this turn out right.

Stimey said...

Agreed. It just seethes of hate. I'm going to go read all these links. Thanks for calling me eloquent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link. I am in some excellent company.

Anonymous said...

Jen, thank you for providing the links to your friends' blogs. I read all of them. And I agree whole heartedly. I am so dismayed that society cannot let go of the hatred for gay persons. If love is in relationship, what difference does it make? Love and respect are the most important things in raising healthy and happy children. They are hurting no one and are a threat to no one. I feel so sad that so many people are so fearful. Give my grandkids a squeeze for me. Judy