Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be sure to read to the end for the REALLY good news!

Last night I had a phone call with a new potential Intended Mother.  I had been nervous leading up to the call but it seemed to go really well.  When Jesse asked me about it I said "She was really nice!  She spoke perfect English!" and then I felt like an asshole and sort of a racist.  Really I just meant that even though this is an international couple I don't think we will have a language barrier to overcome.  So that's nice.  She also sounded really eager to move forward quickly and that's good with me.

Now I just have to wait and hear if she wants to move forward with me.  Fingers crossed!

But here's the really good news!  When I was done with the phone call I found Joseph laying on the kitchen floor (shirtless and wrapped in a blanket) (of course) and he looked at me and said "So how did it go?"

Did you get that?  He asked me how something I did went.  It wasn't something that involved him and it wasn't about video games or Vinylmation or 39 Clues books.  He wanted to know how something I care about went.  Ok, so he didn't really bother to listen to my answer but he asked!  It made me happy and that is the REALLY good news I wanted to share.

BUT WAIT!  As I was spell checking this I got a call that the Intended Mother wants to move forward with me!  Woot!  So now I have two pieces of good news to share.

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susan said...

Right on!

Swistle said...

YAY! on both things! And the second thing I originally read as that she wanted to MOVE IN WITH you, and I was thinking, "THAT doesn't seem like a good idea, boundaries-wise..." So YAY for NOT being that!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Good things are just happening all over at your house!! I'm so happy that Joseph expressed an interest in something that does not "directly" involve him! He is growing up a little! And it is also wonderful that the intended Mom wants to move forward with you! Whoo-hooo!!!

Your MIL, Judy

Stimey said...

So very awesome. All of it! I'm so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Congrats! Excellent news all around.