Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jen is

I'm stealing this idea from Ben. Let's see what google has to say about me.

1. Jen is an exceptional person who is to be worshipped and adored at all times.
2. Jen is a compassionate, loving, fun and caring person.
3. Jen Is The New Blog.
4. Jen is yummy!
5. Jen is an inspiring, creative survivor.
6. Jen Is A Player Hater.
7. Jen is staying in a peaceful hotel with gorgeous gardens and a view of the volcano.
8. Jen is climbing out a tunnel under a tree.
9. Jen is a choreographer in demand for her expertise in Lindy Hop
10. Jen is to good for Bard!
11. Jen is a high-level Java™ classworking toolkit that harnesses the power and performance of ASM in a convenient, easy to work with package.
12. Jen Is Bringin' The Drugs.
13. Jen is a Fine Example of What a Plumbette Should Be!
14. Jen is a sarcastic remarking, bookloving, entertainment seaking, people loving, life challenging, question asking, fun loving, music inspiring kinda girl.
15. Jen is looking for her contact.
16. Jen is not pretentious enough to think she is always right, but hates being overlooked.
17. Jen is a multi-multi tasker, as evidenced by names that can be used to describe her.
18. Jen is going to be seen as the poster child for bias against Google perhaps forever heretofore and any sort of negative commentary about them is going to be seen as further evidence of disrespect.
19. Jen is wonderful and I will certainly be first in line to see any future movies with her.
20. jen is a make out slut.

Damn, I'm awesome.


Rick said...

You sound to good to be true!

The Other Girl said...

Very tricky Googling "Jen is" instead of just "Jen." If we Google "Jen" we get the real scoop on you with the very first listing. Domestic diva, indeed. Hmpf.

Ben said...

I've warned you about your playa hatin'.

Becky said...

Looks like those making out days from high school finally caught up with you.

Sticky Keys said...

Dangit! Everyone else took my comments! Unless... yes, I can pretend I didn't read their comments (like any good blogger would) and then just post. Then I will make a follow-up post explaining my actions in a folksy hivemind like way.

Here goes!

Ahem, how does Google know all of these wonderful things about you! And I must say Jen, don't hate the player, but instead, hate the game.

Sticky Keys said...

Uhh Ohh! Looks like your other readers are just as witty and smarty, but quick as a hippopotamus' hiccup!

Great minds really do think alike!

(heh, genius!)

Emma said...

"Jen is looking for her contact."
ohhh man. amazing. you fawkin playa hata