Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pay Per Post

If you've been reading my blog for a little while you've probably seen me do a few of those Pay Per Post posts where I talk about random things like dating sites or sites that sell big ass medalions. So you're no dummy, you probably already figured out that I do those for a reason. And you probably already figured out the reason. That's right, I do it all for the nookie.

Oh, wait. That's not right. I meant to say that I do them for the wildly easy money that I can earn. It's called blog marketing and there's some pretty easy money to be made in it. For 5-10 minutes of "work" I can earn between $5 and $10 a post. That may not sound like that much to you corprate types (note to self- find out if any corporate types read this blog) but to a SAHM who's looking for a little extra ebay money, it's pretty great.

Here's the best thing about Pay Per Post: Anyone can do it. You don't have to have 8 billion readers, you don't have to be especially witty (case in point, me) you don't have to do a certain amount, you just do it when an opportunity looks interesting to you. If you blog and you don't mind interrupting the flow of your blog once in a while to talk about something random (luckily my blog has no flow anyway) then you really should check out Pay Per Post. I've made nearly $60 not really doing much at all and if you really put some effort into it you could make a lot more.

If you do decide to give Pay Per Post a try please sign up via the link in my sidebar on the left there. (I get paid for that too.) Come on, what else were you going to do today?

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