Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

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I'm not feeling well enough to clean this week so Elle is going to help out by using the Swiffer. She just got off her shift at the hospital here. (Note the stethascope around her neck.)

My tackles are mostly going to be things I can do while sitting down.
1. Get some things listed on ebay.
2. Try to visit more blogs from the blog party.
3. Sign and initial all 26 pages of my surrogacy contract (both copies) and get that in the mail.
4. Try to use the neti pot again (read my previous post to see how that's gone in the past).

I'm taking it easy today and trying to get Joseph to do the same since it seems like he has the same cold as I do. We need a vacation someplace warm and sunny! This weather is not good for children and other living things!


shyestviolet said...

it might not be sunny today, but I find going to the como conservatory is a great minibreak on a sunny winter day. you might be out of range of that, though, yes?

jennyr said...

your kid is soo cute! I have a video of my daughter brooming the kitchen floor too!hehehe!

those are good enough tackle especially when ur not feeling well!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have quite the helper there :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

OMG! What a cute photo!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! =)

Hope you feel better soon!

melody said...

She seems mighty handy with that Swiffer.

Hope you feel better soon.