Thursday, March 29, 2007

Real Moms

I've been tagged by Melody at Slurping Life with the Real Moms meme that I've seen going around lately. I was excited about this one because I had a lot of thoughts on what real moms do and what makes a real mom. So here are my thoughts:

Real moms will scoop a toddler off the floor and sniff their butt on purpose! They will wipe their babies nose with their own hands without missing a beat. They'll use their own spit to clean another person's face.

Real moms will do everything right and still worry that they haven't done enough.

Real moms will take you down if you hurt one of their babies. Real moms have even been known to "accidently" trip a big kid who was being mean to all the little kids on the playground.

Real moms will sometimes get really, really mad when someone almost causes them to get into a car accident and they'll yell out the window "My kids are in this car ASSHOLE!"

Real moms lie to their kids. "Uh, no honey. I said 'my kids are in this car .... glass ... pole.'"

Real moms sometimes cry just because they love their kids so much that it hurts.

Real moms sometimes don't know what to do other than throw their hands up and laugh.

Real moms make the hard choices.

Real moms say "No honey, you're sleeping in your own bed tonight" and then, at 2:00 in the morning when they find a little warm body next to them the smile and snuggle up close.

Real moms think their car looks nicer with stickers stuck all over the inside of it.

Real moms stop for ice cream.

If you've read this and you have some thoughts on real moms then you're tagged. Real moms do memes.

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Sticky Keys said...

Lovely Jen!