Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bedrest - Day 1

Oh my god. I hate bedrest so much. It's only the first day and I hate it. I hate it. Oh well, I have to buck and and deal with it. But I hate it. Thank goodness I have my bacon salt to keep me company!

Joseph's surgery went really well today. He was so brave going into the room. A really nice nurse had him giggling like a maniac by the time we actually got into the operating room. He did awesome breathing in the gas that put him out. That was the part he had been the most worried about so I was so proud of him for handling it so well. When he was wheeled back into the recovery room after surgery he was already half way awake and asking to go home and play video games. The nurse told him he had to have a whole cup of apple juice and a whole piece of toast before he could go home but Joseph, being Joseph managed to wheel and deal and bargined it down to three sips of juice and one bite of toast.

The best news is that the surgeon thought the lump he took out from Joseph's arm just looked like a harmless cyst. We'll find out for sure on Monday but it most likely looks like we won't have anything to worry about.

Yesterday I told Joseph he better watch out if I get pregnant again. Every time I get pregnant I go and have something removed from him. When I was pregnant with Elle I took him in to have a mole removed. Now I've had a lump taken out of his arm. He better start growing some more disposable body parts just in case I get pregnant again. Although we'll see how I feel after 2 weeks of bedrest. I'll probably never want to do this again.

Oh, before I forget. I hope that all my Minnesota buddies and their families are all safe after what happened yesterday. What a scary, scary thing to have happen.


nell said...

I'm so sorry about the bed rest. I will try to post extra stuff on my blog to keep you entertained! I'm glad Joseph's surgery went so well though, that's great.

Sophie Treadmill said...

You're trying to torture me with the bacon salt references aren't you?

Glad to hear Joseph's surgery went well; he sounds like a little trooper.

I know the bedrest can't be easy, but just hang in there!

Christopher said...

Good luck and best wishes to you and your entire family. Hope that things go more smoothly from here on out.

Ben said...

You're forgetting the real trend here: 50 percent of the time Joseph has surgery, my doctor calls the next day and says my lipid levels are high.
Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go Google lipids.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Good job Joseph!

Sorry to hear about your bed rest!