Friday, August 24, 2007

The pharmacist took my thumbs Johnny!

This evening I stopped of at the pharmacy to pick up my prescription refill for my anti-nausea meds. Yes, the medication that will likely maim and destroy the child I'm carrying. Since I went through the drive-through I had to use the little box to pass stuff back and forth. For some reason those boxes make mer nervous. I think it's because the first time I ever tried to use one was at the bank and I didn't know that the teller opened them from the inside so I pulled up and tried to pull on the box to open it and the teller yelled at me and he was a really hot guy and I was mortified and I didn't use the drive-through for like 8 months after that.

Aaaaaanyway. So I pull up to the window and the pharmacist opens the little box for me. I go to stick the prescription in and before I have have my hand halfway out he slams the box shut. I yelped a little bit. A moment later he opens the box again and sends out a little slip for me to sign saying I got the meds. I sign it and put it back in the box and again he slams it shut before my hand is all the way out. I make a little joke. "Heh heh, nearly got my finger there." Ok, so it wasn't a "good" joke or a "funny" joke or even really a "joke". Let's see you be light hearted after nearly losing 3 fingers in a tragic box accident.

One minute later he opens the little box again so that I can send my check card through. I put it in as quickly as I can but it makes no difference. He nearly gets my damn fingers again. I'm starting to think this is some kind of game for him.

He opens the box a final time to send out my meds. I swear to god that the bag is jammed as far back in the corner away from me as it can possibly be. I eye the meds. I'm going to have to shove my entire arm in there to reach them. A cold sweat breaks out on my brow. My heart is pounding. I wonder if I'll ever be able to hug my babies with both arms again. I wonder if I should change the name of my blog to Problem Stumpy. I take a deep breath and make a mad grab for the meds. My hand is in! I've got them! Almost as if it's happening in slow motion I see my arm moving back and hear the click of the box as it starts to close. With a mighty effort I yank my arm back as quickly as I can ...... and bonk myself in the nose with my own hand.

As I start to pull away the pharmacist smiles, waves and wishes me a good evening. I have my meds but at what cost? Will I ever be able to trust a pharmacist again knowing that this one is out there waiting to rob me of my fingers and my dignity? Ok, so I robbed myself of my own dignity with the whole nose bonking business. It was still traumatic ok?


Anonymous said...

You are the second person I have read this week who has a "DRIVE-THRU" pharmacy!!! I am amazed!

Although. I wouldn't like yours. He's evil.

Absolutely Bananas said...

Ok I have to recommend that next time you GO IN rather than using the drive-through. Convenience at the risk of losing fingers? The cost is too great! ;)

melody is slurping life said...

Sorry, but I LOL at your expense because I could vividly picture the entire episode. Evil Finger Chomping Pharmacist...beware.

Ferdinand the Duck said...

Haha he was totally doing that on purpose. Like how at Blockbuster, if someone was returning a movie in the drop box and they hesitated before dropping it, I would pull it out of their hands just to scare the shit out of them.
Good times.