Sunday, August 19, 2007

Screw them all

Fuck you for making a comment about the size of my boobs as you walked past me. And fuck you again for repeating the comment louder when your friend asked what you had said. And fuck your friend for turning around and staring at my chest like he had never seen a pair of breasts before. Fuck me for knowing exactly what the two of you were doing but feeling so crummy and insecure that all I did about it was hunch my shoulders forward and feel dirty.

I'm so sick of these things. I'm sick of the neck and back pain I've had since I was 17. I'm sick of not being able to find cute clothes that fit right (or if I do, wearing it once and then stretching it out so much that I can't wear it again). I'm sick of people thinking it's ok to just openly stare at my chest when they walk past me.

The second I'm done having babies and/nursing these things are getting chopped.


nell said...

Assholes. This is the kind of thing you DO NOT need to deal with while pregnant (or ever). Stupid people are stupid. I am hating them on your behalf.

Jennifer said...

Calm down! This to will pass. You are such a great and strong person...all the stuff you have went through and a couple of jerks can pull your chain. Be proud of your breasts, I am sure that you are looking beautiful.

StickyKeys Says: said...

I wish there was such thing as a breast exchange program, so if a littler cupped sister needed a fill up an overly busted sister could help her out.

It's unfortunate the stigma you've developed about your breasts, but completely understandable, I've read about your history.

Personally I would have said something loud about the size of their balls, or just flipped them off, or showed them some cleavage just in case the boobs they were talking about were each other.

Use those boobs to your advantage baby! ;)

Judy said...

Jen.... I agree with Stickykeys! As you know, I have rather large knockers myself. Yes, it is a pain not being able to buy a dress that really fits..... but some people pay big money to get what we got naturally!!! Enjoy them. Be proud of them. Those jerks... but it's like when some one calls me a bitch. My comment is "well, then I know I am doing something right, I pissed you off!".... You just need to come up with a line that will put the jerks in their place.... you are creative with words, I know you can do it. Even something like "yup, 100% natural and proud of it"....or "yes, I am soooo blessed!" Just gotta put a positive spin on it..... You can do it!!!! (A little secret, your back hurts less if you stand up straight and put the "girls" right out there where they belong!)... I love are doing great! Judy

shyestviolet said...

lucky for you, your brains are not in your boobs. theirs might be, though. imbeciles.

CamiKaos said...

that really sucks.


melody is slurping life said...

Fuhgit about the jerks. They are not worth your energy. But I understand...eats at your gut.

BTW, thanks for your comment at my post was very encouraging for me. :)

Hope you're feeling good.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I so feel your pain. Don't let them get to you, they are jerks!

Oh, The Joys said...

I totally get it. I was a 32 F before I nursed.

Miraculously, after 2 kids? I'm a C. Go figure.

I was SO ready to chop.