Thursday, August 16, 2007

The kids who are mine

I've been so caught up with this pregnancy and everything involved in it that I've kind of stopped talking about my kids. That just seems wrong since they're the whole reason I started this blog in the first place.

The kids are good. Now let me tell you a little bit about my cervix!

Ok, I really don't have anything to say about my cervix. But the kids really are good.

Joseph did really well with summer school. His writing improved a lot. I would like to think that this was partly due to the rigorous summertime workbook schedule I had him on. I would like to think that but I can't because at some point Workbooks Every Day No Matter What became I Don't Even Remember When We Last Did A Workbook. (This is one of the many reasons I don't homeschool. I have no discipline. After 5 minutes I would be like "This is boring. Let's do Play-doh!") I guess the important thing is that his writing really did improve. Thanks to his soccer program I think he's also had some big improvements in gross motor skills.

I'm hopeful that all of the improvements he's made this summer will help Joseph feel like he really fits in with the other kids next year. He's starting to notice that there are things about him that are different from other kids. He asks things like "Why do other people like to eat lots of kinds of foods but it's so hard for me?" and "Why am I so much shorter than all the other kids? Can you put me in a class with only kids who are short like me?" and "Why do I have to go to speech therapy when other kids don't?" Most of the time he's really good natured about these things and they don't really seem to bother him. I hope he can keep his great, upbeat way of looking at things.

Elle is great too. I mean, really, really great. She's at such a fun age, every day she does so many new things. She's a natural little charmer. With her big blue eyes, her pink, round cheeks and her pretty red hair she's a very cute baby. If I'm out in public with her people actually stop me to tell me what a pretty girl she is. What makes her even cuter though is her charming little personality. She's very affectionate and sweet and happy go lucky.

One thing I love about kids Elle's age is how fun it is to watch them learn to talk. I think Elle learns to say something new each day. Just this morning Joseph sneezed and Elle said "Bess you" for the first time ever. She's able to put together some pretty complex sentences like "I go up stairs" and "Where is she?" My favortie things that she says though are both just one word. If you tell Elle "I love you" she's always respond by saying "Too". Get it? Instead of "I love you too" she's babyfied it to "Too". Come on! That's cute! The other thing she says that just kills me every time is what she'll say when she's doing something she really enjoys. If she's sitting with Joseph and playing Little People she'll look up every so often and cry "Fun!" Like she's so overcome with how great it is just to be doing whatever it is that she's doing.

So there, that kind of turned into a big brag session about my babies. I can't help it, I have awesome kids. I kind of forgot what neat little people they are while I was on bedrest. I think I was a little stressed and bummed out and I forgot to take the time to notice what really great kids they are. I need to not do that again because they really are fantastic kids.

Note to self - Focus less on the kid you're growing and more on the one's you're raising.


Ferdinand the Duck said...

Aw, your kids are totally adorable. And I don't even like kids.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

We are moms, we are suppose to brag!

melody is slurping life said...

I enjoyed the bragging, it's a mom thing.

Hugs to Joseph. I have a "I don't want to be different" "why is everyone my age twice my size" etc. kinda son. It's hard not to hurt for them, but they do just fine. :)

Elle is just dang cute. I could play with her, as that one word thing so me when I get involved in fun!