Friday, August 24, 2007

Give yourself a time-out while you're at it

Elle is such an easy kid. At least I think she is. Maybe I just think that because I'm so used to how challenging Joseph can be. Comparatively Elle just seems like a breeze. She even scolds herself when she does something wrong. This morning I woke up to:

Bump....thump....thump......rustle...swish......rrrrrriiiiiiiiip. "Oh no no no no no! Da do do do? El Ro! Wha happen? No no no El Ro! No rips books! Here. Fak it. There. Seeallbetter!"

Translation? Elle woke up and reached between the bars of her crib to grab a book out of the box next to her bed. She pulled one in and then looked at it for a minute before ripping it. "Oh no no no no no! What did you do? Elle Rose! What happened? No no no Elle Rose! No ripping books! Here. Fix it. There. See? All better!"

She's actually a lot harder on herself than I would be. Poor thing.

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Anonymous said...

Well, who needs parents when the kids discipline themselves....? ;)

You have a cutie there huh?

How old is she?