Monday, June 30, 2008

Disney overload

You know how you can tell that you've stayed up too late looking at Disney World pictures on Flickr? You have dreams about looking at Disney World pictures on Flickr.

It was a pretty Disney-ish weekend for me all around. On Saturday Jesse and I took the kids to see Wall-E. It was Elle's first movie in a movie theater and she did really well. I was a little worried when we started to walk into the theater and Elle shrieked in terror because the room was so big and dark. Opps, guess I forgot to warn her about that part. Once we explained that it was just like watching a big tv screen she was cool. It's all good in Elle's book if tv is involved. We all really liked the movie a lot and I would recommend it to anyone (even if it did make Joseph cry twice). It's really good.

On Sunday Elle and I went to my parent's house and my dad and I worked for hours on Disney autograph books for the kids. Yes, I know you can just buy them but ours are going to be special and the kids are going to love them. At leas they better because we spent a lot of time on them. Ok, confession. As we were putting the book together my dad and I kept saying things like "Let's use this picture of Jasmine! She'll like that!" and "Sleeping Beauty will like it if we use a picture of her in this dress!" If you ever encounter someone talking like that, don't even bother trying to get them help. They're too far gone.

I was looking through some stuff on my computer and I came across a ton of Disney pictures that I totally forgot I had taken. I'm going to be throwing them up on Flickr so if you're the sort of person who likes to kill time looking at other people's vacation pictures then you can check it out. In the meantime here's a picture I took of Expedition Everest as it was still being built.


Cathy said...

Oh no! Now you've got me thinking Disney again.

Jen said...

cathy - Like it takes very much at all to get you thinking about Disney!