Friday, June 27, 2008

Random musings 47

I saw Sex and the City the other night. I know that I swore I wouldn't see it but I did. Still love Charlotte and and Samantha. Still kind of "meh" on Miranda. Still hate Carrie and Big. The movie wasn't awful but it's kind of hard to get too terribly into the story when every time you see the main character you think "I hope you choke on your $500 shoes, horse-face". You know what's really great though? Seeing a movie with graphic sex scenes with your Grandma. Awkward!

I can't believe I forgot "Oh fer cute!" in my Speaking Minnesotan post. (Thank you!) I think I just hear it so much that I kind of forget that everyone doesn't say it. I admit though that I do prefer "Oh fer gross!" And "hot dish". How could I forget "hot dish"? Hot dish is what you non-Minnesotans call casserole. That's one thing I refuse to give in on. I'm sorry but it just sounds so stupid to me. If anyone ever hears me say "hot dish" please slap me. I've already given in an stared referring to soda as pop. Isn't that enough?

One time in middle school I bought this t-shirt that had the names of every lake in Minnesota on it. (Why did people think I was such a dork?) I wore it proudly until the twelfth person asked me "Is that the name of every person in Minnesota?" Then I wore it ashamedly.

How do you feel when a blogger you really like likes a blogger that you just cannot stand? Do you ever want to leave a comment for them saying "It's either her or me! I DEMAND THAT YOU CHOSE!" or is that just me? It's probably just me. No one else is that neurotic.

I already twittered this but I'm going to go ahead and say it here too. The other day I said to Jesse "You're never romantic anymore!" and he said "What? Did you want to have sex last night or something?" Yeah. Because that's what I meant. Meathead.

76 days until we leave for Disney World. All of the sudden it seems like it's coming up fast. I better start packing. One thing I'll need to pack? Diapers. Potty training is not going well. For a couple of days we had a little success and now nothing. Maybe I should leave Elle with my mom for the weekend to see what she can do with her. Although, if I don't learn how to do it now then how will I someday potty train my own grandchildren?

Well, that's enough stupidity for now I guess.


Laggin said...

Thank YOU for the link.

I think you meant:
"Meathead extraordinaire".

(Not Jesse specifically. Men, generally, on the distinction. They really do know better. They just get lost sometimes.)

Manager Mom said...

OK - you reminded me of when I made the mistake of going to see "Chasing Amy" a LONG time ago with my mother. We'd met at the theater.

I don't know if you saw this but there is a scene where the Amy in question is talking about being a lesbian, and uses the term "fisting".

My mom went completely, utterly white. and got up and left without saying a word. We never spoke about it...

P.S. we're going to Disneyworld too, in October!

P.P.S. Disneyworld and fisting in one comment. that's some messed up stuff right there.

Tink said...

SATC. I never watched it. Mostly because of Carrie. I always thought she looked like a horse face, too. She is an ok actor, but I just can't stand looking at her. Is that too harsh? I'm evil. :-)

nell said...

I saw that movie last night, I've never watched the show, and I didn't really like the movie, mostly because it was just too happy at the end and also I sympathized with all the guys, and Samantha, who's kind of a guy.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

76 could still possibly not need the diapers. I wish I were going. We went 2 years ago and I'm missing Mickey.

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm ok with bloggy friends that like blogs that I don't like but I have some very faithful readers whose blogs I can't stand. What do I do about that?!

Jen said...

laggin - Thank YOU for letting me link to you. Fer cute.

manager mom - OMG. I would have died. I prefer to think that no one in my family knows what fisting is. But whoooo for Disney World!

tink - The funny thing is that I loooooove SJP and I don't think she's bad looking. I just HATE Carrie and I think she's not attractive as her. If that makes any sense.

nell - Sam is awesome. She was always my favorite character.

mrs schmitty - I don't know, potty training just is not going very well right now. I'm getting frustrated.

alison - Have bloggy guilt. That's what I do anyway.